Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Transfer Post!

Hello Everyone,

Due to the great feedback we’ve received from our other blogs -- Notes from Peabody, and AccessUVA, we’ve ventured to begin a blog for transfer admission information. As you can see, it will be called "Transferring to UVA" and I am Transfermer. Yes, that's right. I've spent two years reading transfer applications and I'm a 2004 graduate. For two of my four years, I lived with transfer students. While I wasn't a transfer myself, I feel those experiences will help me shed some light on the the adjustment process. I'll use the blog to write on transfer information in the office and the University. And as Dean J has done, I will touch on life at UVA and Charlottesville.

Look out for new posts very soon!


MLB said...

This is a wonderful service-- thank you so much for creating this blog.

The big question of the day is will UVa be using the transfer waitlist and what does the time frame look like?

Nate said...

...Please give us prospective transfers an update as to what is happening. It has been a very long time since we've heard anything.

MLB said...

Yes please! We have decisions to make and in some cases deposits to put down on other schools. Any update would be appreicated.